Why You Matter To Me
Certified Senior Advisor and Founder of Doctors Choice Senior Services, Located in Orange County, CA
Owner of Doctors Choice Senior Services

 My mission is to help seniors live the best possible quality of life and purposeful living in honor of my father. You see, you and I are a kindred spirit, I was where you are, looking for resources and guidance for my dad’s care.  Unfortunately for our family, the advice did not come soon enough for my mother, who was also dealing with her health issues, who was driving over 50 miles a day to visit him in the hospital for four months until he passed. It was a devastating experience to see my father, the person  I loved the most in the world, spends his last few months without the quality of life that he deserved. Even after my father left this earth, he was guiding me to use my calling and to help other families find quality care and purposeful living for their loved ones.

And that is how Doctors Choice Senior Services was born. We are a different kind of senior placement agency, guided by the values of love, dignity, and respect for all of our families and their elderly loved ones. As a concierge agency, we hold ourselves to higher standards of service, working with the best senior living communities that commit to providing exceptional care and purposeful living for older adults. My only regret in life has been the inability to help my dad- and that regret drives me today to do better, be better, and guide other families to the best of my abilities. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to finding quality care and purposeful living for your loved one and peace of mind for you. START TODAY.