Advocacy and Client Service Agreements

Doctors Choice Senior Services will provide concierge senior placement services for the client, the client’s family, friends, POA or decision-makers, and our placement services are free of charge since we are compensated by the community in which client is placed upon our recommendation and family/client has the final decision and choice. By working with an advocate like our agency, it does not affect the price of the room or care. In fact, because of the quality of service we provide and the relationship we build with our network communities, we may be able to negotiate lower community fee and other additional services on the client’s behalf. In addition, the personal contact information such as phone numbers, emails, and other personal information, even of the family, is not shared with any community without your consent and knowledge nor sell your contact information to any party. We are committed to providing you with the highest services by recommending communities that are licensed, good standing with state surveys, and meet the client’s needs from assessment or consultation from family. When an assessment is absent, we will schedule tours to recommended communities and accompany on tours when possible to represent or advocate for clients and family. The final decision about moving into a community for the client is made by them and/or family, and not by Doctors Choice Senior Services.

By agreeing to these terms under our client service agreement, you are accepting the following: That Doctors Choice Senior Services will be your advocate(representative) in finding care until a solution has been found or this agreement terminated by the client and/or Doctors Choice Senior services; that you will not directly contact communities or residential care homes on your own without notifying your advocate(representative); that you will not go online and fill out any forms to get information regarding assisted living; that if you no longer wish Doctors Choice Senior Services to be your advocate please notify us immediately by phone or email; if we find that we cannot provide the highest quality in the role needed, we will terminate this agreement. If we provide the highest quality and client moves in a community or residential care home and circumstances change, Doctors Choice Senior Services will remain as your representative for 90 days, after that time and client is a permanent placement, then the agreement will terminate.

Once again, our services are at no cost to you and we are committed to finding the quality care and purposeful senior living for you or your loved one. If you are already working with another agent or if you have done an online search before reaching us, please let us know because there can only be one advocate or representative.

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