The 5 Mistake Families Make When Choosing Memory Care

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Finding the right memory care options for your loved one is an emotional, time-consuming, and stressful task. It is also a hard decision when you know your loved ones need help staying safe due to their memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease. So Where do you start? You turn to the internet, with one click your personal information is sold and, all the wrong people, and places bombarding you with unwanted calls, and services not appropriate for your loved one.

Nevertheless, you need to find a place in a short time before the situation becomes dire. Moving a loved one into a memory care /Alzheimer’s community is not a sign of being selfish or something to fill guilty about but its complete opposite. Because of the love for your parents or grandparents you want to provide the best care possible by trained caregivers. Take a step back and breathe! It’s going to be okay, don’t make a rushed decision because your loved one depends on you more than ever and you don’t want to have to move them again. Focus on choosing the best care options from day one to the end of life where your loved one can thrive!

 Common Mistakes to when Searching for Memory/Alzheimers Care: 


  1. GETTING TRAPPED BY THE FANCY CHANDELIER  high-end luxury does not equate to quality when it comes to memory care or any senior living community. Your elderly parent or grandparents need care more than a fancy dining hall for entertaining. Besides, ritzy facilities can be just as prone to neglect and poor care just as much as the next care facility. Focus on the care, cleanliness, and how often caregivers are trained to provide quality care.
  2.  FOCUSING ONLY ON THE IMMEDIATE NEED your loved one might be able to do most of their daily activities today but that will change over time. Focus on communities that your loved one can age in place and does not have to move because of behaviors such as wandering, sundowning, and some resistance to care.
  3.  FORGOING TO EXPLORING ALL THE MEMORY CARE OPTIONS Don’t make the mistake of accepting the 1st place you toured because of promotions they are offering to you and the marketer informs you they have only one spot left. Many seniors thrive in different types of memory care setting from minimal supervision in large communities to 24/7 care centered small communities. Fill out our care needs form and we can advise you on the appropriate care setting.
  4.  READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE YOU SIGN DOTTED LINE although most memory care communities only require a 30-day notice to move your loved one out some have hidden costs such as an annual rent increase from 3% to 8%. Also, have a trusted family member look over the documents because more eyeballs can help than less. Besides, when we are overwhelmed and stress we are more prone to miss important details. Read more resources on  5 Ways to Pay for Eldercare.
  5. FORGOING TO CALCULATE FUTURE CARE COST understand the future care needs of your loved one is very important so that they will be able to remain in the facility and age in place, rather than bouncing from one facility to another to due to their increased care cost because of higher care needs. For residents with memory impairment stable and structured environment is paramount for their quality of life as they progress in the disease process. There are great resources on Alzheimer’s Orange County that may be additional resources on the disease process.

These are just some of the many issues that families can struggle with when navigating through senior living options. We understand the struggle families deal with and we have helped many families avoid the pitfalls and found better senior living options. If you need assistance navigating your memory care options we provide free guidance and personalized memory care options Click here.




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