21 Red Flags Is Time For Senior Living

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21 Red Flags Is Time For Senior Living!

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Speaking with an aging parent regarding their needs is not something everyone looks forward to discussing at the dinner table. The fact is parents shelter their kids even in later life from their problems especially when it comes to the aging body, and failing health due to multiple chronic conditions like diabetes, a heart condition, a decline in memory or pain. The fact is your mom or dad needs you more than ever, just like when you needed them awhile growing. It’s essential to have that awkward conversation. The 1st step is assessing the situation yourself before you discuss it with your elderly loved one. You want to make sure you have examples of situations where they needed help and or was not a safe situation. Also, let them know you are worried about them more than anything else, and you want to make sure they are safe and have a quality of life at home or a retirement community. Parents want to shelter us from their problems even in later life where we can handle it. You need to show them its time for you to protect them and keep them safe. Hopefully, you find these recommendations useful, and also please check our article 5 Best Way to Pay for Care.

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  1. Forgetting to take medications

  2. Running out of Medications

  3. Taking too much or the wrong amount of medication

  4. Taking Incorrect dosage

  5. No means to pick up medication from the pharmacy


Falls and Elderly Seniors


  1. Frequent Falls

  2. The unsafe environment at home( stairs or steps)

  3. No help when a fall occurs

  4. Frequent visits to the hospital due to falls

  5. Fear of Falling  



Acitivities of Daily Living


  1. Hygiene issues(skipping showers)

  2. Wearing the same clothes in multiple days

  3. Skipping meals or having trouble preparing meals

  4. Weight loss

  5. Frequent urinary tract infection due to lack of hydration

alzheimers, memory loss


  1. Leaving the stove on

  2. Forgetting appointments

  3. Financial mismanagement

  4. Not remembering once familiar paths in the driving situation

  5. Becoming isolated from friends and family

  6. Being afraid or paranoid in a familiar environment


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