10 Signs Assisted Living & Memory Care ?

When Should You Start Looking Assisted Living?

Assisted Living, Memory Care
When is time for Assisted Living or Memory Care?


Speaking with an aging parent regarding their needs is not something everyone looks forward to discussing at the dinner table. The fact is, parents, shelter their kids even in later life from their problems, especially when it comes to the aging body and failing health due to multiple chronic conditions like diabetes, a heart condition, or pain. Be patient and respectful of their privacy but don’t give up. In addition please read our article on paying for care.

10 Signs Assisted Living Services /Memory care Are Necessary:

1) Showing signs of memory loss or confused on some recent memory (e.g., forget family names or a recent event.

2) They are overwhelmed with their affairs such as managing money(e.g., unopened mail, past-due notices, or collections).

3) They often don’t leave the house because they get lost in familiar places.

4) They don’t want visitors, especially their adult children(things at home might not be what they describe to you on the phone.

5) Lack of hygiene–body odor, unwashed hair, dirty or unmatched clothes –yet they insist all is well.

6) Lack of proper nutrition –TV dinners, empty fridge, no fresh fruits or vegetables.

7) Impaired balance –he/she has fallen multiple times, refuses to use walker or wheelchair

8) Lack of proper housekeeping or laundry (e.g., signs of hoarding and weeks of dirty dishes, trash, and so on).
9) Lack of social interaction — they don’t visit with friends anymore or go to church. Isolation can lead to depression and a decline in quality of life.

10) Vision is impaired –they may be a danger to others on the road.

If you answered “YES” to one or more questions, then its time to have that discussion regarding senior living options and call us for a free consultation 714-941-9242


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